During the day I follow a strict Atkins type of diet. I don’t eat bread, pasta or sweets. I graze for the most part eating high protein foods like meat, cheese and eggs along with high protein smoothies.

I have no trouble keeping to this diet during the day, at night it’s a different story.

I usually allow myself (or reward myself) one or two glasses of red wine during the evening hours. This is my me time, my way of relaxing and my way of doing good for my heart (red wine is good for your heart). More importantly after a day of bringing home the bacon, frying it up in the pan, dealing with 5th grade girl drama, helping with homework, taking care of way too many animals and maintaining (ok, trying to maintain) a clean and orderly home I deserve some wine.

The problem is a glass of red wine does relax me. So much so that all the healthy eating I did during the day can now be ignored as I treat myself to the leftover birthday cake, leftover Valentine’s Day candy and even the leftover Halloween candy. Once I’ve had piece or two of chocolate it’s time for some Goldfish crackers (just a handful) and it’s all downhill from there.

If you’re a woman of childbearing years or beyond you know how this works. If you’re man you don’t have any idea how this works and can eat whatever you want without guilt, and we hate you for that.

I’m tired of ending the day feeling guilty (though slightly buzzed on red wine and chocolate) so I have decided to forego the two for 30 days.

It sounds hard and I suspect it is. I’ve given up red wine before (though replacing it with white wine is probably not the same thing) but I’m not sure I’ve ever gone 30 days without chocolate. Hell, I’m not sure I’ve gone two days without chocolate.

There’s always a reason for chocolate and now that they’ve deemed it healthy there is even more justification for it.

But I know the truth. I know that both red wine and chocolate have sugar and if I am serious about following a low carb / high protein diet I have to give up both.

So for the next 30 days I’ll be documenting my journey through hell.

I’ve given up a lot of things in my lifetime. I’ve given up smoking (twice), I’ve given up on marriage (also twice) and I’ve given up any sense of autonomy and fun when I had children.  So I know a thing or two about giving stuff up (though getting off Diet Crack and Candy Crush are two things I still struggle with on a daily).

I’ve given up a lot of things and some have been more difficult than others but I’m positive I can do this if I can get through the first week.

So stay tuned. This could be fun (for you, not me) and it might even be good for me.