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Tribal Blogs is Too Much Fun!

April 22, 2010, Tribal Blogs

Have you seen this? It’s popping up everywhere.

I am having way too much fun over at Tribal Blogs and my traffic has been going up ever since. I can’t believe we are now 147 strong and after only one month with no advertising.  All word of mouth.

It’s been great because people are Stumbling and Tweeting and Digging everyone else’s blog posts. Bloggers have been helping other bloggers solve problems and have been asking for advice. It’s been wild.

The reason for Tribal Blogs was to network with other bloggers and to increase traffic, using the toolbar and feed much like Entrecard does, except there aren’t all those crappy blogs that we all have to slog through. Each time I run the toolbar I visit great blogs, which I read because I don’t have to waste my time dropping cards on blogs I don’t like. Each day I am seeing more and more traffic from Tribal Blogs to my own blog. I get more hits from Tribal Blogs than I do from Entrecard which is fantastic because the people who visit by way of Tribal Blogs are actually reading what I have to say. My bounce rate has gone way down which is a really nice thing.

I didn’t expect to have so much fun. I’m not sure why, it’s not as if the members of Tribal Blogs aren’t all entertaining people, they really are. It’s just that you let loose a whole bunch of great bloggers and things start to get silly. Even the most serious topics are fun to read and respond to because we all have the same passion. We want more people to read our blogs and we will be damned if we don’t make that happen. I have met some of the most interesting bloggers on Tribal Blogs and I’m meeting new ones all the time. It never gets stale because someone is always recommending another great blog to read.

Yes, it has been an incredible amount of work and yes, I have created a lot of that work all by myself. What I mean is that I have messed things up by trying to be helpful. The Tribal Blogs IT guy warned me not to touch certain things. He specifically said not to install the update. I remembered for about week that I was not allowed to touch anything and then the memory of it was just gone. When I saw that there was an update available I said to myself:

“Ooh look, there’s a new update. I wonder if it doesn’t do really cool things”

I actually thought that as I was hitting the ‘update’ key.

And then everything crashed.

Joseph fixed everything, because he is an amazing and awesome geeky tech guy. He made me promise not to touch anything again and even suggested, strongly, that I write a little post-it note to myself and put it on my monitor. Which I have.

If you haven’t joined Tribal Blogs yet, what are you waiting for? Come on by, meet some new people, increase your blogs traffic and learn a few new tricks and tips from the pros.

Tribal Blogs is free to join, and if you want to have your blog featured in the toolbar (which everyone is using) and the feed page, you can become a premium member for a mere $6 per month. Pocket change. Come on over, we’re waiting for you!

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  • comedyplus

    I'm glad it's going well for you. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    • redheadranting

      I wish you'd come by, you know so many and you really would have a great time there.

  • KristinaP

    I have considered joining, but honestly, the $6 has prevented me from doing so.

    • Alison

      You don't have to pay $6. It is free, you just can't get your blog on the toolbar or in the feed. But you can still talk with a whole bunch of great people and network.

    • junkdrawer

      Yes, Kristina. Please join anyway. The discussion forum and the groups are really fun and helpful.

    • redheadranting

      Kristina, the $6 is only if you want to promote your blog by way of the toolbar and feed page, you can still join without paying a fee and meet a bunch of great bloggers/friends.

  • Alison

    I <3 (Haha at Kathy) Tribal Blogs! It has been such an amazing time meeting new people and feeling like apart of a blogging community. With real writers, half the time I feel like I shouldn't be doing it haha.

    Thanks so much Jen for putting this all together! And thanks Joseph for coming to our rescue! Someone should bake you cookies.

    • junkdrawer

      OK, OK! I'll say right here how much I <3 Tribal Blogs! There. That wasn't so bad.

      I check in at TB several times a day and there's always someone starting a new conversation about something I'm interested in. It's exactly what we all needed.


      • redheadranting

        I love getting to read all the posts that come up in conversation. I hadn't read your squirrel post or you weird food post, both brilliant by the way, so even though I know you and your blog very well I am still able to find new stuff. And the conversations are pretty funny, especially when Jaffer gets in on them.

    • redheadranting

      Joseph is awesome, I think he would like cookies. Alison, you are an integral part of Tribal Blogs, you make everyone feel so welcome, it's wonderful.

  • themother

    I keep meaning to get there…

    • redheadranting

      We are waiting for you, have a room all picked out for you, coffee is on.

  • babs (beetle)

    I am a tad busy at the moment (woodwork project) but usually I'm in Tribal Blogs several times a day! It really is a great place to get all sorts of info and support!

  • BarbWillThink4Wine

    I've never used the toolbar, and I'm a premium member. Doh! I just don't have any time right now. I doubt I'll be renewing the premium membership because I really can't find more time. Actually, feel free to cancel it for me, as I don't recall if it's automatic or not. I'm busy every weekend trying to get my other house ready to put on the market and during the week between actual revenue-producing work I've just started a huge revamping of my business web site. It's 4 years old and it needs a face lift!

    • Jayne

      Really, Barb? I use mine all the time. I work all day at the computer and any time I need a little break I just pop on the toolbar for a couple of minutes to see what's going on. Before I'd have to go to my blog then go to the dashboard and scroll through everyone. I just like that it's right there in front of me and I guess a lot of other people do, too, since I'm getting new visitors to my blog every day now.

      • Lisa

        I agree Jayne. That is a way for me to take a break from my other computer work…click visit 10 sites and check out other stuff!

        • JD at I Do Things

          The toolbar is brilliant. I love being able to visit 10 random sites so easily– and they're all good!

  • frustratedpricilla

    I have the toolbar but am a dumb goat.
    Or maybe just a frustrated one. I am not sure.
    The spear still scares me a little……heh heh

  • Katherine

    I love the Tribal Blogs toolbar myself. I haven't had a lot of time in the last two to three weeks (sorry everyone, I miss you!) b/c of school and night activities… but when I have computer time I always use the toolbar. It is so much easier than entrecard, where I had to go back and forth, back and forth. And when I use the toolbar, I know I am going to be taken to GOOD blogs.. not stupid ones simply there for adsense revenue. I think Tribal is a GREAT idea… especially the toolbar. :)

  • Jayne

    I can vouch for it. I'm getting all sorts of new people visiting and commenting. Jen's done an amazing job.

  • mike

    We went premium this week so I've been keeping an eye on our stats.

    Both Nicky and myself can vouch that since joining TB, we keep finding awesome blogs and bloggers. TB is networking with a built in crappy blog filter.

    • Nicky

      Yup, Tribal Blog is definitely the “Big Cheese” in our books!

      • Jayne

        It's the Cotswold of blogs. 😉

        • redheadranting

          I know that's good because you guys talk about Cotswold all over the place. Thanks ladies!

    • redheadranting

      We have lot of Canadians which is fantastic, you guys are really fun! I'm so glad you joined!

  • Momma Drama

    I love the site. It's got some great bloggers. You only have to pay the $6 fee to get your blog listed in the toolbar – you can still meet other great bloggers and participate in the discussions!

  • sheila

    I love using the Tribal blogs tool bar. The blogs are so much fun to read and the bloggers crack me up.

  • Candice

    Where have I been? I need to see what all the fuss is about. :)

    • redheadranting

      Yeah you do, get over there!

  • TheGirlLaura

    Love the title!! I will check it out. Way to go Jen!

    • redheadranting

      I hope so, you would be a wonderful addition!

  • MomZombie

    Thank you for putting so much time and effort into Tribal Blogs. It is awesome.

  • buggys

    Tribal Blogs really is the best. I've joined other networking communities thinking I would find something useful, worthwhile and friendly. They never seemed to work out the way I hoped. This is turning out to be far more than I hoped. As Jayne said, it couldn't be any simpler while you are working on the computer to just click the toolbar and visit 1 or 10 other truly good blogs. The comraderie in the groups is exactly what everyone is saying. Everyone is more than happy to pass on help or information just for the asking.

  • Warren Contreras

    I am still new to blogging, but I have been doing well at meeting new friends on EntreCard too. I just see it as a tool and not a card dropping exchange.

  • Katherine

    Has Joseph read this? VERY funny about him.

    • redheadranting

      I don't know, he's pretty busy these days.

  • LInda

    Great place to meet, learn and laff! Give it a try!

  • JD at I Do Things

    I PROMISE to spend more time at Tribal Blogs in the future, because, YES! It is too much fun. I've been working full-time hours on a part-time job AND looking for more freelance work, but I will make time for TB. Lotsa great people there.

  • joannmannix

    I am still catching up from vacation, and Tribal Blogs is a big one on my list of priorities. I haven't been able to visit yet, but as soon as I can catch up to the speeding clown car that is my life, I'm coming over!!!!

  • Anne

    I have been delinquent the last couple of weeks between being sick and too many kids, but I do use the toolbar. It is a great way to find blogs to visit and can even be used to find blogs to drop on if you are part of Entrecard. Even if you aren't, I always find something entertaining to read when I am using the toolbar.

  • Ninja Media

    Im going to join thanks for the info

  • Tracy Farr

    Tribal Blogs is a great place to be. Jen, you've done an awesome job!

  • CatLadyLarew

    I always have fun when I visit Tribal Blogs! Thanks for all you do, Jen, to keep it up and running!

  • lindamedrano

    You Rock, Jen! You totally rock!

  • Marg

    It truly is a great place. Lots of super people and I have learned a lot in there. I can't use the Tool bar because my computer is so retarded. It just shuts down when I try to do it
    But I enjoy the rest of the site.

  • Lisa Griffiths

    Will be joining as soon as another monthly expense is done. What a waste was that shiny new object!

  • Jenna

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back via Friday follow.

  • vange

    $6 in coins is more than I would ever have in my pocket!

  • Margaret (nannygoats)

    You done started a good one, Jen. And I'm having fun!

  • sharkbytes

    Hi Jen- I joined for one month, and although I have had some friend requests, I really haven't noticed an increase in traffic. To be honest, I haven't downloaded the toolbar either. I'm currently a bit on overload with toolbars. Is there something I'm missing?


    • redheadranting

      Using the toolbar really helps.

  • Dieter Moitzi

    Hey there, it's Dieter! I've just received the 'I Love Your Blog' Award, and blah blah blah, well, a long story (don't wanna squeeze it into YOUR blog-space). But in order to receive it, I was asked to nominate 15 of my favourite blogs. Of course, you're in the list. Dunno what that award is worth, but I just wanted you to know that for me, receiving is nice; handing it over to you is more than that. I send you all the best feelings, Dieter.

    • redheadranting

      You are so sweet! I'll stop by as soon as I finish the post I'm working on.

  • Victor Salazar

    Hey there Jen,

    I feel a little ashamed. I'm a member but I haven't been as active as I should be. I need to step up my game!!!

    • redheadranting

      Yeah you do! Get in there and make some noise. You are missing all the fun.

      • meleahrebeccah

        Im in there all the time, but, Im also a little quiet. I could stand to make a little more noise over there!

  • BigMamaCass

    Neat. Will check it out.

  • meleahrebeccah

    Im thrilled that Joseph was able to fix everything! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!