Spell check is still not working

February 6, 2008

Spell check is still not working. I looked on the help topics of Blogger and lots of people are reporting the problem but there doesn’t seem to be a fix. As I have been looking at other blogs I have noticed that it is not just me. I proof read but some things still get by me. I have become too dependant on spell check!

Does anyone know when this might be fixed?

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  • Jane

    Can spell check ever work perfectly? Can anything ever truly work perfectly?

    Our wonderful language has so many words that sound alike and so it may be spelled correctly but completely the wrong word.

    Now I personally will be impressed when someone develops spell check for names.

  • Laurie

    If you use Firefox it has built in spell check. I would be totally lost without it!

  • Jen

    Thanks I’ll try that. I love your blog by the way!

  • GDad

    Shoot! I was going to recommend Firefox with the built-in spell checker, but Laurie already got there first. I second that.