I'm Getting a Makeover, and You Get To Watch Live!

August 17, 2011

So it was high time I had a makeover on this blog and since we are doing them on Tribal Blogs it made perfect sense to do one here. And you get to watch live as I change my mind fifteen billion times and drive the design team batty in the process.

The first Extreme Blog Makeover happened on June’s blog The Neurosis Files (you can see June’s Extreme Blog Makeover here), next we did Lauren’s blog – Think Spin (though she hasn’t had the official unveiling yet so I will leave that to her to announce), so it made sense that if we were going to be professional blog makeover gurus we should at least have awesome blogs ourselves.

I’m not using the Royal We, there really is a we, us, ourselves, etc… Kelly is the design specialist, design maven or design ninja, not sure which should go on her business card but she is the one who makes the creative things pop. She is the one who I am driving crazy about all the little changes. Kelly is, of course, a pro so she never lets on that I can be a little persnickety. She just makes it look better, which is why I love Kelly so much.

Stay tuned for more makeover madness!

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