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Cats Who Can’t Spell

February 17, 2009

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of stupid cats on the interwebs. Have you noticed this? It seems this is everywhere. Daisy has no problem spelling, Harley sometimes needs a little help but he tries. These cats don’t even try. I’m not even sure they are sounding out the words.
I find it irritating that our felines are getting stupid. I expect dogs to spell this way but not cats. Even the goats spell better than these cats, no offense Pricilla. And what is worse is that these websites, run by cats who can’t spell, are popping up everywhere.


All I have to say is that “has” is spelled H-A-S not H-A-Z and you look like morons when you spell it wrong.

There must be a kitty tutor available for these poor stupid cats. Maybe Sylvan has a program?

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  • The Mother

    Misspelling cats are certainly one of society’s biggest problems.

    Obviously, the phenomenon of invented spelling has managed to make it’s anti-evolution down to the lower species, having been perpetrated on them by well meaning school teachers who couldn’t bring themselves to correct a child.

    Or maybe they didn’t know how to spell, either?

  • lilaphase

    I’m so glad someone is finally addressing this ponderous issue!

    Let’s not forget the massive kitty grammar problem that is also sweeping the internet.

    Please, we must have a call to action.

  • Julia D

    Perhaps George Bush said it best when he pre-emptively said, a few years ago, “Teh kwestion we needz to aks owrselvs iz, iz our kittehs lernin’?”

    And the answer would still be no.

  • Dan Brantley

    Cat’s don’t care what we think. They will spell any damn way they please. Thank you very much. They could spell correctly, if they wanted to… which pretty much answers the question, doesn’t it.

  • Mulled Vine

    Spelling is for the alphabetically constipated. True writing is a free form.

    Katz Rool!

    (Just kidding)

  • Stephanie

    :) LOL about the cats and their spelling errors. Just for the record my dogs can spell :) Well, at least as well as I can!!

  • Daisy

    I have learned to use the spell check. Because spelling is a little bit hard.

  • Da Old Man

    This lack of spelling is holding cats back, too. Look who gets all the good movie roles: Benji, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Beethoven.
    Perhaps if they could spell, they could make something of themselves.

  • Lidian

    My cats are too busy sleeping all day and chasing hair elastics all night to spell anything…

  • Lin

    It offends me that they spell like that and are plastered all over the place getting media attention of all sorts. It’s kind of the Britney Spears of the cat world. My cat doesn’t spell like that–and she doesn’t talk baby-talk either. What’s up with that?! I’m convinced that if my cat, Grace, could talk, she’d be all grumpy-like and swear like a truck driver. She hardly tolerates us on any level and I don’t see her doing that whole baby-talk bit.

  • Grandy

    HA!! You’re quacking me up!! 😉

    I too would expect as much from dogs…but not lazy cats.

  • Pricilla

    I thank you for pointing out my attempts at correct spelling. I owe this all to my publicist who went to a Catholic school and therefore had no choice but to spell correctly or she would get hit with an eraser or ruler. She has passed this fear of sneak attack for bad spelling,grammar and times tables down to me. It just goes to prove that goats can learn when motivated by a handful of grain.

  • Carole

    I think the cats KNOW how to spell correctly, but because they think WE’RE so stupid, they spell it like that to be sure WE understand.

  • Shawn Bryan

    I can haz dicshunaree?

  • JenniJ

    There are so many bad influences out there. I worry that my cats will be lured into the word of bad spelling and posing for lurid pictures. This is exactly why I don’t let them on the internet. Well, and they don’t have opposable thumbs, usually just lay down on the keyboard and hit the exact right combination of keys to make the entire system implode.

  • ettarose

    Jen, I am with you. I absolutely hate lazy people and that is what it boils down to in my mind. Too effin lazy to spell and too effin lazy to make an effort to be humorous. Funny is NOT mis-spelled words.

  • Sean Donland

    I think its insulting to caption cats with these ridiculous misspellings.
    How would these people feel if cats captioned pictures of us with things like, ‘Mewow’

  • CatLadyLarew

    Yet another reason why this CatLady does not want any cats…