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Where Does The Walking Dead Go From Here?

October 24, 2016
Where Does The Walking Dead Go From Here?

After last night’s brutal episode, where does The Walking Dead go from here? SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven’t watched the series premier of episode 7 and don’t know what happened, then hit the back button now and back away. This post is filled with predictions for where the show will go and also filled with spoilers about what has happened so far.

You’ve been warned.

Without a doubt, last night’s The Walking Dead was the most brutally disturbing episode yet. Of course, it had to be with all the hype that’d been built up over the last 6 months due to the cliffhanger nature of the ending of season 6.

For 6 months I wondered and worried if Glenn was actually going to die, like he did in the comics, or if the whole fake Glenn death under the dumpster somehow rendered him safe.


I had hope, for a little while. I liked Glenn, he was the heart of the show. He was the plucky pizza delivery guy who was always willing to do what was necessary for the group, with little thought of his own safety.

Problem was, he didn’t do much else beyond that. As expendable main characters go, he was the best choice. He was the only choice.

It doesn’t hurt that he got the bat in the comic as well.

I have read the comics, up to episode 100, which is where we are now. I don’t plan on reading it anymore, prefering the show on only one possible timeline. When the book and the show diverge, like they did with the death of Abraham/Denise it’s too heartbreaking for me.

I loved Abraham, he was comic gold and was great at relieving the tension created by the stress of living in the zombie apocalypse. I suspect Negan will now wear that mantle, I’ll just have a difficult time laughing at his jokes. There’s not much relief in that. If one is to laugh along with the bad guy (though, to be fair, Negan does not see himself as the bad guy, and there’s actually some debate on that title. Rick and his group sort of had this coming), one risks identifying with that bad guy a little comfortably.

Abraham and Glenn will certainly be missed, but they had to go. The writers and producers had hyped the show for months, they could not kill off a secondary character such as Eugene or Sasha (my pick). The only other character they could have sacrificed and maintained the hype, would have been Daryl. Thankfully that didn’t happen, though the writers did throw him under the bus when they made him the cause of Glenn’s death.

Where Does The Walking Dead Go From Here?

Obviously, wherever the comic goes, and like I said, I’m not bothering to read it anymore. I do hope the show spends more time with the rebuilding rather than these constant upheavals. The show is so formulaic it’s surprising anyone watches. The characters settle in a seemingly safe place and then a bad guy comes along and destroys it allowing it to get overrun with walkers and the group must find another place. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m hopeful that they will remain in Alexandria after they successfully defeated all the walkers that descended when the Wolves attacked.

Negan is the Problem

I want to see the people of Alexandria, and other communities, work to bring civilization back. That is the interesting story to me. I don’t care about the endless bad guys they have to slay. I’m not even sure they’re believable.

How sustainable is it when Negan takes half of everything from these communities that are producing?

It won’t work, it can’t go on for very long because they won’t be able to produce enough resources for those who choose not to participate, as this image from conservative artist, Sabo illustrates.

Sabo poster about Negan and Hillary Clinton

Negan said he wasn’t going to plant a garden when someone else could do it for him.

Those sorts of regimes never last, and of course, we know it doesn’t last in this story either.

I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he’s hot as fuck, but Negan is a chore to get through, much like The Governor was. Of course, I am not the target audience for The Walking Dead, and I have no illusions that it will turn into a real character study about what happens when the shit hits the fan. For the most part, the writers shy away from those storylines. The few times they have have been the most interesting episodes, but probably not ratings generators.

I want to keep watching the show, I think about this show and its characters more than any other show I can recall. I have to remind myself that it is just a show. And yet I worry I will lose interest sooner than later.

As the scene unfolded last night, I watched through my hands. I have not been able to get the image of Abraham beaten to a pulp, lying lifeless on the ground out of my head. Same goes for the image of Glenn with one eye popped out (though I stopped watching and just listened after that). I felt the impact of those deaths just as surely as the characters who witnessed it.

Negan has a very fine line to walk

If Negan is too brutal and takes so much, what is the point?

When he was driving Rick around, trying to break him, I kept wondering why Rick kept fighting. I get it, he has Carl and Judith to protect. He’s recently let himself fall in love with Michonne and has that to go on for. Other characters, most of them, don’t have something like that to hold on to. Negan can get Rick to do things because he has leverage. For people like Sasha, Rosita, and eventually Tara when she learns about Denise, they’ll have to find a reason to go on in a world that is so incredibly brutal the title was indeed prophetic.

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

The title was taken from dialog from the final episode of the first season, when Dr Edwin Jenner provides a way out of the death trap that is the CDC.

He probably never imagined anyone like Negan and his Saviors.

I’m still traumatized by last night’s episode. I wish both characters were still with us and I am trying desperately to not lose hope in the writing of the show. We shall see.

Where do you think the story will go and where to you think it should go?

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Who Does Negan Kill on The Walking Dead? (Spoilers)

October 21, 2016
The Walking Dead Season Six Finale

Who does Negan kill on The Walking Dead this Sunday? If you don’t want to know, then stop reading now.

I mean it, stop reading, go check out The Onion or rewatch the final presidential debate you can come back Sunday to see if I was right

This is your last warning.

***** Spoilers*****

Of course, I do not know for sure who Negan kills, but I have a pretty good guess based on the final scene from last season where we see the kill from the point of view of the victim.

Let me just say that I am still pissed off at the writers and producers for the Great Glenn Death Fake-out from last season. It was unnecessarily cruel to the fans and didn’t really advance the story at all.

Because of the Great Glenn Death Fake-out I believe/hoped, that Glenn would actually be spared when it came time to meet Negan.

I don’t believe that anymore.

Sorry, but I think Glenn still has to go.

And, I’m okay with it for the most part. I also don’t think he is the only one who gets to meet Lucille when season 7 begins this Sunday.

In fact, I think Glenn is the second death.

My gut tells me that Abraham is the one whose death we witnessed at the end of season 6.

Why do I think Abraham is the one who is killed by Negan and his bat, Lucille?

Abraham was getting pretty friendly with Sasha. He was looking forward to creating a life with her (that’s always a bad sign in the zombie apocalypse). He’s got a big mouth on him (one of the character’s best qualities) and that probably got Negan’s attention.

I also think it was Abraham in the end of season 6 because of the way the character attempted to straighten up again after the first blow. When Negan is doing the eenie, meanie, miney, moe deal he passes by Abraham and he straightens up, as if he is showing he is not afraid and maybe even volunteering.

I hate to see Abraham go, but his death was supposed to have already happened. In the comics he died by an arrow through the eye instead of Denise.

Sadly, I don’t think Abraham is the only death.

I love Abe, he’s the comic relief that this show desperately needs, but his character isn’t beloved enough to be worthy of all the hype they have tried to create with this 6 month long cliffhanger.

My guess is after Abraham dies either Rick or Daryl gets up and tries to attack Negan. Probably Daryl since Rick seems to be broken at the moment and Daryl has been on a rampage after Dwight. Negan doesn’t like this and pulls another unsuspecting person from the lineup, who just happens to be Glenn.

There really isn’t another character that would have as big of an impact as the death of Glenn.

He’s also not really imperative to the story.

In fact, as character deaths go, his is probably the easiest to deal with going forward.

The photos he saw when killing the unsuspecting Saviors was probably foreshadowing as they had all had their heads bashed in too. Remember, that was his first human kill.

They can’t or won’t kill off Rick and Carl is important to the Negan storyline. They could kill off Maggie and that would have a huge impact, especially since she is pregnant, but Maggie losing Glenn opens the story up for so much more than if Glenn had survived.

Up until this point, Carol’s transformation was the most interesting storyline in my opinion. Maggie has lost everyone, she’s either going to snap or get even stronger than she is. My bet is she gets as badass as Michonne, if not more so.

Who do you think Negan kills at the beginning of season 7 on The Walking Dead?

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The Anticipation is Killing Me!

October 5, 2016
The anticipation is killing me

The anticipation is killing me. I’m not even sure that’s the right word, but I simply can’t wait much longer to find out who will win this election. Sure, I’m almost 100% certain it will be Hillary Clinton, but by the way the internet is acting (and her surrogates and the media are overreacting) one might get the impression the race is a lot closer than it really is.

Each day there’s something different – Hillary is sick, Trump says something horribly offensive to everyone. The email scandal becomes the news, for a few days at least, with each email dump from Wikileaks, Trump’s old tax returns are dug up. Pay to play, Trump Foundation, Parkinson’s, small hands, immunity, bankruptcy, Benghazi, Russia… the lists go on and on (you can see both of their scandal sheets here and here.

The thing is, nothing ever sticks to either one of them, they never have to explain anything, we all just forget about the last scandal as soon as the next one becomes breaking news. Both of them are deplorable.

The Anticipation is Killing Me!

I notice that one of them pulls ahead in the polls after a debate or news dump and I think to myself “great, there’s no way they can win the election after this”. I’m happy for a few minutes and then I realize that means the other one will win, and then I’m nervous again.

This election, especially the last few months of it, has been just like waiting for find out who Negan killed in the last episode of season 6 on The Walking Dead.

I’ve spent months trying to discern who it is that met his or her bloody death at the end of Lucille*. I’ve read numerous blogs, watched the show over and over, and I’ve even started hanging out in forums to see if I can’t read the room. Certainly there must be some indication somewhere of what’s to come?

Except there probably isn’t. The writers fucked with us all season 6, even faked Glenn’s death once, presumably so they could kill him again at the end of the season**. For all we know, they haven’t even shot the scene where the victim is revealed yet.

And just like the election, it doesn’t matter who. Whoever it is, it’s going to suck.

*Lucille is a baseball bat used by Negan, the baddest of bad guys in The Walking Dead, who wrapped it in barbed wire and likes to bash people to pulp with it to prove who’s in charge.

**I’m not really sure why I thought that one needed a footnote, anyway, I’ve forgotten it now.

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The Walking Dead Cliffhanger Sucked and Damn, Negan is Hot! SPOILERS

April 4, 2016
The Walking Dead Season Six Finale

This is about The Walking Dead Cliffhanger that sucked so there are lots and lots of SPOILERS.

If you haven’t seen the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead, you really aren’t missing anything. Most of the 90 minutes episode was Rick and his gang driving all over the backroads of Virginia trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop for medical treatment.

There were a ton of commercials, too.

This was one of the stupidest episodes of The Walking Dead so that they turned it into a cliffhanger is really no surprised. They basically painted themselves into a corner and now they have 7 months to figure out how they’re going to get out of it.

Episode Last Day on Earth Recap

Maggie is cramping and they are worried she is going to lose the baby so they take her to see the doctor at the Hilltop community. Of course Rick knows the Saviors are probably going to come for a fight so what does he do? He piles all the key characters into the Winnebago and hits the road. This is with the full knowledge that his best fighters are out looking for Daryl, and Morgan is out looking for Carol. Rick is not aware that Daryl, Rosita, Michonne, and Glenn have been captured by Dwight and that Daryl has been shot by Dwight.

So by all means take your best warriors, the pregnant woman, the kid with one eye and the coward of the county on a joyride through the woods when you know the baddest motherfucker is out there waiting for you and your people because you’ve slaughtered two groups of their people already.

Negan is Hot

They could have delivered the last 20 minutes of the show and it wouldn’t have taken anything away from it. Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is a long winded villain. He goes on and on about how he has to kill one of the Alexandrians. He over explains himself but appears to be scaring the crap out of Rick who really does look like he might wet his pants. If he weren’t so hot I’d have been upset about his long winded speech.

Did I mention Negan is hot?

In the final minutes of the show Negan makes his choice and splatters the brains of one of our people all over the camera lens. We just don’t know who it is. In the final scene the camera takes the point of view of the charactered who is killed and it looks like whoever it is can see Abraham in his view, as if he is sitting across from him. I’ve tried to find the scene online but it’s been cut out of the ones I’ve found.

Based on who was sitting where it could be Eugene, Glenn, Daryl or Michonne (I think). I have no idea who it was but whoever it was that was killed by Negan last night, its impact will be completely diluted after waiting 7 months to find out.

I’m actually hoping it isn’t Eugene since he seems to be about the only one who has any brains in the group, though clearly not enough to stop anyone from piling into the RV and meeting their fate head on.

Do you Care?

It’s a good thing they chose Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Negan because really, he was the only thing worth watching last night. In The Talking Dead Scott Gimple gushed about what a great episode it was and how it set up season 7 so well. Maybe, but the death that he says the season is built upon has lost any impact it might have had. This season may or may not have been about screwing with the audience, but the storytelling is lacking.

That said, I thought it was a great season and maybe they just overhyped this episode and there was simply no way to live up to it. Still, either hubris or just plain stupidity seems to have done in one of the main characters.

Oh, and Morgan finally killed someone.

Who do you think Negan killed with his baseball bat last night? Do you care who he killed? Will you keep watching the show?

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Who Dies in the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead

March 31, 2016

Here are my thoughts about who dies in the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead airing this Sunday April 3rd, 2016.

First of all – SPOILERS – if you aren’t caught up on season 6 of The Walking Dead, then turn back now. I don’t have insider knowledge of the TV show but I have read the comics and will be including spoilers from that.

There are all kinds of theories about who dies in the season finale of TWD, so let’s get to it.


I don’t think Glen dies at the end of the season or at the end of Lucille, Negan’s bat. I think the great Glen Under the Dumpster Death Fakeout was a way to test the waters on killing off such a beloved character. Glen dies in the comics, at this point it is no secret, but in the comics many of the other characters don’t exist or have died already including Carol and Morgan. We all love Glen so his death would be horrible, he is the moral compass of the show. But, we don’t know much more about him than that he delivered pizzas before the dead started walking. I suspect the writers have more of a story for Glen in coming seasons. Especially since he’s going to be a dad.


Last week’s episode ended with Maggie on the floor curled up clutching her abdomen. The implication is that she is losing the baby. Let’s face it, in a post apocalyptic world a miscarriage can be deadly. While it is possible a dead baby inside of her could turn and start eating its way out the fetus is only about 2 months old. Basically the size of a kidney bean. Even at full term the child wouldn’t have teeth or control of muscles sufficiently to harm her. I think Maggie is safe for now at least. I also think the pregnancy is fine. I suspect she ate some bad pickles.


Many people believe Daryl is going to die on Sunday because Norman Reedus has another show in the works on AMC. The Norman Reedus Show is about Norman riding the backroads of the country on his motorcycle with interesting guests. Sort of a redneck version of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. So far they’ve filmed 6 episodes. We all know there will be riots if Daryl dies so I think he is safe too. Not because AMC is worried about riots, but because I don’t believe they’ll kill him off until they get more feedback about his new show. I love Norman Reedus but mostly because of his character Daryl. I’m not sure I’d be interested in watching him ride his bike across country each week. Daryl is a big reason people watch TWD and he hasn’t had his story arc yet so I think he’s safe for at least another season. The success of The Norman Reedus show depends on him staying alive on TWD.

Daryl doesn’t exist in the comics so they don’t have to kill him off. He’s one of the most fascinating characters out there, along with Carol, so it behooves the writers to keep him around to see where his character takes them and us.


I just read a post on Fan Fest where the author postulates that Carol is the one who dies. And while he gives a lot of great reasons for why shy might die it seems he’s based it on how the writers have written out characters in the past. Specifically if a character has been the focus of the series for any long term arc they inevitably get killed off. Beth had her arc and her death was devastating, mostly because it was so unexpected. We got to know her a little while on the road with Daryl so it made her death more poignant. I actually cried when she died. The reality is the loss of her character hasn’t really altered the show much. She wasn’t much more than a babysitter and if she had lived would have been killed when Jesse and her kids got bit, if not sooner.

I don’t think Carol dies for many reasons. Mostly because I don’t want her to die more than anyone other character on the show. Carol dies early on in the comics, while her daughter Sofia lives. That was back in Season 2 so the writers have been crafting Carol’s story that whole time. I dare say The Walking Dead is more of a story about Carol than it is about Rick. She’s certainly more interesting and has been on a bigger journey than he has. Carol has grown exponentially during the show. Melissa McBride does a wonderful job portraying this woman who believed she was weak but learns that isn’t the reality, that was just the story she told herself for so long.

Carol’s story is just beginning and it is only when you look back at several of the older episodes where you realize how long her transformation has been in the works. She became a major character when she killed Karen and David. She kills them because they are infected with some disease that infects and kills quickly. Right or wrong, she did it in hopes of preventing an outbreak of the virus. It didn’t work and when Rick found out what she had done he turned her out. Of course she came back and saved everyone from certain death in a spectacular fashion at Terminus. Prior to Terminus she was forced to kill Lizzie who had just killed her sister because she was slightly batshit crazy. When Carol kills it’s because she is trying to do the right thing and yet at this point in the story she can’t kill anymore.

Carol and Morgan are on opposite sides of the same coin. Carol knows she has to kill if she is going to live in a community with other people. She understands there is no way around that fact and leaves because of it. Morgan believes one can just refuse to kill; that all life is precious, something he learned from Eastman (a character I wish we’d gotten to spend a lot more time with). Eastman isolated himself because he understood it was necessary to do so if one wasn’t going to kill anymore.

Carol dies early in the comics so her character has really had an opportunity to grow which is another reason I don’t think she will die on Sunday. She is writing her own story, much like Daryl.


I think the odds are good that Abraham will die at the end of the season. I’m not sure he’s the one who dies by Lucille but they’ve been setting him up for a fall all season. He’s finally found some joy in life so it seems fitting that it gets taken away. Also, even Eugene understands his services are no longer needed.


Morgan has a very different story in the comics, he is almost a background character except for a brief fling with Michonne. The storyline about his refusal to kill isn’t part of the comics. Morgan as portrayed in this world simply doesn’t belong. If someone from Alexandria doesn’t take him out, someone else who isn’t as kind certainly will. While Carol is trying desperately to isolate herself so she doesn’t have to kill (and so far that really isn’t working too well for her) Morgan thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. I don’t know if he will get killed, but I know he should get killed. I can’t see where his story can go. All the promo material has Morgan pitted against Rick, as if it comes to a head. Maybe it does in finale. I’m betting Morgan doesn’t make it to season 7.

So who is going to die in the Season Six Finale of The Walking Dead?

We all believe it’s going to be a major character because they usually end a season with someone beloved dying, except they don’t. More often than not it is the mid season finally when the adored character dies. I don’t think that’s any reason to hang your hat or mine on no one dying, but it could be a lesser character like Sasha, Rosita, Fr. Gabriel…

We do know that someone gets beat with Lucille the bat. We know this because there is a leaked audio file of the scene and it’s pretty gruesome.

I have no idea who dies and it wouldn’t surprise me if they filmed several different endings just to keep everyone guessing.

Who do you think dies at the end of Season Six in the Walking Dead?