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Get Out of Your Bubble Link Share

January 14, 2017
Get Out of Your Bubble Link Share

It’s time to get out of your bubble and see what other people are talking about. This week I’m hosting a Get Out of Your Bubble Link Share for everyone who is tired of fake news. We all have opinions but often they aren’t articulated well in 140 characters or an angry rant on social media platforms. If you’ve got a blog post you’d like to share, I’d love for you to share it here (free backlinks, bitches!!). 

You’re post doesn’t have to be about politics or current events. In fact, if you have some great InstantPot recipes I would love it if you shared them here. Same goes for any product you sell or craft you’ve made. There are no rules here. Well, no porn please.

If you leave a link (or 3 or more) I would appreciate it if you visited some of the other links that have been submitted. Blog karma is a wonderful thing so spend a little time visiting other bloggers, you might make a new friend. You don’t have to share your work only, if you’ve seen an article, blog post or webpage that has some great information that you think others would appreciate feel free to share it here. Kitten and puppy posts are always welcome, too.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, next week looks to be a little stressful so let’s take the time this weekend and enjoy each other’s company.

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