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March 31, 2011
A Portable toilet

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This week has been a kicker. I’ve been busting my non-size 4 ass on marketing and the Tribal Blogs Conference so I didn’t have time to put together the post I have been composing in the shower each morning, but I wanted to give you all something so take a look at some of the best of what’s going on around the internet.

Friday interpreted by Bob Dylan

Nonamedufus posted this link on the Tribal Blogs forum and it is a classic. If you read Nannygoatsinpanties post about Rebecca Black you will understand.

We’ve been actively adding sponsors to the Tribal Blogs conference and while I am really excited about all of them this one I just have to share with you now,!! If you aren’t familiar with Go-Girl then you aren’t a woman who goes to outdoors events, sporting events, snowmobiling and motorcycling and all kinds of other activities where you are forced to use a public port-a-potty. Go-Girl is a Minnesota company which makes me very proud because now we women can write our name in the snow.  We will be giving away a Go-Girl at the slumber party this week so be sure to stop by.

Speaking of the conference, Nicky from We Work For Cheese has taken to drawing cartoons about how she thinks the whole thing is going turn out, apologies to Cardiogirl.

Mike from Too Many Mornings dedicated this post to Jayne and me last week and I missed it. After scolding me very publicly on Facebook I finally went over and tried to read the whole thing.

If you have a favorite that I missed please leave a link in the comments.

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